We are immensely pleased to offer the first year of the $500 H. O. Prize for Humorous and Original Slam Poetry!

Eligibility for 2017:

1. Poem has to be competed at the National Poetry Slam in Denver, CO.

Not performed  at Nationals. We’ve all seen plenty of humorous and original poetry in side events. Competed.

2. Submissions should be in YouTube video form, of performance at bout. Please submit a link. If we can’t see the poem, we can’t give the award to that poem.

Remember: Poets do have permission to film themselves/have someone else film them during any performances except Finals.

— UPDATED: If you forgot to film at the bout, you can re-record the poem and put it on Youtube, BUT you need to also identify your team, the night of the bout, the time of the bout, the venue of the bout, and what round of the bout the poem was performed in, so we can verify this poem was actually used in the competition. Got it? Good!

3. Anyone can nominate you, including yourself. 

If you have ever been on a slam team with H. O. Tanager, you cannot win the prize, but you can nominate poems.

4. The nominee has to accept the nomination to be considered. This is due to the privacy concerns of some poets, and also to make it easier to give them their money if they win.

5. If fewer than 20 submissions are received (and accepted), the competition will roll into IWPS.

How to submit for the H. O. Prize:

  1. Upload your video of a poem competed at the 2017 National Poetry Slam to Youtube, or find the link to one.
  2. Email hotanager@gmail.com with the poem video link, the name of the person(s) performing it, and if possible, their contact info.

What happens then:

  1. Qualifying videos will be posted on the H. O. Tanager Facebook page as they accrue.
  2. Will we get 20 qualifying submissions from the 2017 Nationals? Maybe! If we get 20 submissions or more by September 15, 2017, we will announce the $500 winner then. And if we get them by the day before the Individual World Poetry Slam in Spokane, we will announce then.
  3. If we don’t get 20 qualifying submissions by IWPS, submissions can also be made from poems competed at IWPS. And if we don’t get 20 by then, WOWPS poems can be submitted.

What do you mean by “qualifying poems?”

Well, first of all, poems have to meet the eligibility requirements above.

But also, they have to be deemed “humorous” or “original” by the reviewing staff.

Humorous just means, did we think it was funny?

And we know that all of the poems at the National Poetry Slam are technically “original.” We got you. You are a very original poet. But did your poem play with form? Did you go outside the norm? Did you do something that’s never been seen before? Is your spoken word really “spoken weird?” Those are the things we are looking for.

And that’s it!

Want to keep up with the competition? Maybe we’ll get a lot of submissions! Or maybe, we’ll offer this same ol’ 500 bucks for the next 15 years before we get enough qualifiers. Either way, like us on Facebook, so you can find out.